Merimbula Festival


The Society is planning to hold an event in August which we are calling the Merimbula Festival, the main feature of which will be the Yarn Bombing Project. It is an initiative to build a sense of community ownership of and increased involvement with the Old School Museum and will be held from 16th August to 1st September 2019. The 6 month project will culminate in a two week dressing of the museum grounds and street furniture in colourful and imaginative crocheted, knitted or woven art works. Main, Market and Beach Streets will be the feature areas and Bega Valley Shire Council has approved our DA for the event. On the three Saturdays of the Festival there will be different programs held in the museum grounds with demonstrations of traditional crafts, cooking demonstrations, children orientated activities, music and food as well as the displays mounted in the museum building.The Society has approached local crafts groups, community associations, aged care facilities and schools, inviting their members to become involved in the yarn bombing project which encompasses many levels of practical skills.  It is hoped that the business community will become involved as dressing of the shop windows would enliven the streetscape. Society members will be working with students and staff of the Merimbula Public School to help them produce the artwork to decorate their grounds.
The program of events at the museum on Saturday 17th August will feature demonstrations of traditional handcrafts. Activities such as knitting, crocheting, embroidery, woodwork used to be part of every day life, both from necessity and as recreational pursuits. Now they are skills which are not passed down from parent to child but are practised in specialist groups which share the knowledge and keep the tradition alive. During the day it is planned to have demonstrations of tatting, quilling, papermaking, making of fishing lures, weaving, spinning, leatherwork, book binding, basketry, art work when visitors can talk to the craft experts about their work.
The intent of the Festival is to raise the profile of the Old School Museum and to foster a sense of community spirit, with a diverse range of people working towards a common goal and having fun along the way. Anyone who is interested in becoming involved in any capacity in the Festival will be welcomed with enthusiasm!
I can be contacted on 6495 9231 or by email at [email protected] for further information
Shirley Bazley.