The collection includes a flat bottomed timber oyster punt that was built by local oyster farmer and fisherman Augustus (“Gus”) Cole for his own use. Born in 1890, Gus built boats as a sideline to his other activities, using local timbers such as spotted gum, box, banksia and casuarina for the framework; and cypress pine, treated Oregon and spotted gum for the bottom and sides. Pursuing this activity from about 1918 until around the 1940s, he is known to have constructed both flat bottomed oyster punts such as this one as well as traditional fishing dinghies of various types. The vessel at the museum may be the only example built by him still in existence today. A noted axe man, Gus competed with success in many Pambula A. H. and P. Society show woodchops, making his first appearance in 1912. He passed away on 27 July, 1967 at the age of 77 years.