Become a member of the Society



We all want to fit into our community and belong. It helps to know the history of our surroundings so we can understand the present.


If you grew up in the local area, SHARE YOUR STORIES.


If you want to know the history, VISIT THE OLD SCHOOL MUSEUM.


If you enjoy talking to people, BECOME A MUSEUM GUIDE.


If you enjoy gardening but no longer have a garden, nurture your green thumb in the MUSEUM GARDEN.


If you have IT skills, HELP WITH CATALOGUING.


If you have a good memory, help us with the PHOTO COLLECTION.


If you are an amateur detective, RESEARCH THE ARCHIVES.


If you love old things but have had to downsize, help look after the MUSEUM ARTEFACTS.


If you are lonely, have time to spare, don’t want your lifetime skills to be wasted, would like to share your experiences or just enjoy the company of a group of enthusiastic volunteers, then come and join the Historical Society and BELONG.


If you are interested, please email  [email protected]  or phone 02 6495 9231.